Online writing service - reviews that help choosing the best one!

Top Services Checklist

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and reasonably priced essay writing site is quite a challenge - to say the least. There are hundreds out there and it's hard to know where to start when setting out to research the ones which will make your shortlist of possibles.

We are going to look at some ways that can help you to lessen the chances of making an awful mistake about who you choose. Bear in mind that your choice may well hold the key to your future - if you are relying on an essay writing site to get you your grades, you really need to make sure that you get the best one for the job.

How To Find That Needle In The Haystack

  • Check the authority of the essay writing site: this can be done in a number of ways. The aim is to make sure that you are not going to get scammed and that you will get a well-written essay back in return for your money; not somebody running off and, either not delivering at all, or palming you off with a badly written, or plagiarized paper or essay instead.
    Your first check should be to establish an affiliation with the Better Business Bureau. This organization has a sixteen point certification which ensures that your intended online essay writing sites are safe to do business with.
    Check independent online writing services review sites, like Jabber, GlassDoor, TrustPilot or Manta. On these, you will find reviews of the sites you are looking at which have been written and rated by students who have actually used them. You will find, not only a written assessment of the piece of work provided, but also a rating or score to enable you to find the top writing services available.
  • Check out the writers: the writers are the ones who are going to make or break your marks. They are crucial, and all good writing services not only acknowledge this, and allow you to research their writers.
    Many sites waffle on about how their writers are, “the best available,” "are taken from top colleges and universities," and so on. They then provide no details, and no way of even seeing who the writers are.
    The best websites will actually list the writers, and some even have very detailed biographies and potted CVs or resumes of their educational achievements, their qualifications and their specialties and areas of expertise. Also, the best online writing service providers offer essays and papers that have actually been written by a specific writer on a particular topic so that you can see how they approach and tackle a subject. This will give you an insight into their style and the type of final product that you might expect.
    Some of the sites allow you to see an internal rating conducted on the site which gives the writers a score for their overall performance, their delivery times, their style and so on. This is then put into a “league” table and for an extra fee, it is possible to have your essay written by either anyone from this list, or a specific one of those writers.
  • Know about the discounts - and the pricing: when comparing sites you will become aware of the discounting practices of the various essay writing services. Some are transparent and easily worked out. Some are hidden, difficult to find and granted grudgingly; by this, we mean that you have to apply for them they are not given or automatically awarded to you.
    The best way to compare all the various discounts with each other is to draw up a table with the items; discount - first time, lifetime, occasional; promo codes; coupon codes; freebies; other - and then you can see at a glance the pros and cons of each provider. The best essay writing site is not necessarily the cheapest, nor need it be the most expensive, but it does need to be clear, and it does need to deliver what it promises.
  • Check any queries with customer services: next on our list is the source of any company information. Here you have to be a bit canny. Most sites offer a chat line or a toll-free phone line and sometimes email or Skype. We would suggest that you use the chat line service. Not only is this a free service but it is, “recordable” unlike the phone call, (without having the equipment) or the Skype service.
    This is important when finalizing your dealings with the company preparing your assignment - you need to have a record of exactly what was discussed and when and by whom. This way, should the company or the writer not deliver what was promised you, at least have a, “written” record you can send with the promises made and the answers to the queries you asked.
    You can do this by taking “screenshots” of your conversation as you go; we would suggest doing this even if the service say that they send a transcript; if they don’t or can’t, you have no record. Just press the Control and Print Screen buttons on your computer to “photograph” the screen shot in front of you.

We hope that these tips help, and we look forward to you using as one of your research methods in your quest to find the best essay writing site - good luck.