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1. First of all - quality of service

The Papers Helm website opens up onto a crowded and difficult to navigate home page. There is no real logical sequence to it, and it seems as if everything has been bundled onto the one page in any old order - ironically, the most important information buttons are in very small print at the very top of the page.

Services available include term papers, research papers, dissertations, assignments, essays, custom writing services, and editing and proofreading services - other services are available on request. These services are backed up by compliance check reports, quality assurance reports, and grammar check reports.

Papers Helm quotes that it has over 300 writers on its books and that these writers are all professionals who deliver great quality and fast delivery - and that is about all we could find on the whole website regarding anything to do with the writers - we leave you to draw your own conclusions. testimonials are all complimentary - do bear in mind that these are from students who are offered discounts and incentives to submit these testimonials to the site.

2. Prices, benefits …

Pricing is split according to which service you need; writing, editing or proofreading. Each has a different level of pricing structure. prices are the highest we have seen. The price for an essay of 10 pages at graduate level, with a time frame of 15 days, came in at $275 before any discounts. This was reduced to $137.50 in, what was described as, a limited 50% discount offer, which would be ending soon.

PapersHelm discounts are stated to be an across-the-board 50% discount on every order -  this does have the effect of reducing prices to a reasonable level, but the indefinite availability of this 50% discount cannot be a guaranteed. In addition, there is a lifetime system of discounts - the gold plan qualifies you for a 15% discount for 100 pages or more, silver is 10% for over 50 pages, and bronze is 5% for over 25 pages. There are also bulk discount deals of up to 15%, and seasonal discounts for returning customers, again of up to 15%

Papers Helm also give discounts for becoming a Facebook fan, signing up for the newsletter, writing a review, sending suggestions, and making a video testimonial - there are even discounts for children with special needs, together with exclusive plans and prices for them. coupons, promo codes do not seem to be available at all. apply a variety of incentives to students with a referral program which enables students to win iTunes gift cards, Android tablets, Android phones, perfumes, jewellery and other awards.

PapersHelm reviews are, of course, very enthusiastic about the referral program and the gift offers!

3. Customer support, delivery

Customer support figures quite highly on the Papers Helm agenda and there is a dedicated client area, email alert for progress tracking, and SMS alert progress tracking.

Our dealings with customer services were satisfactory - they were not terribly helpful, although friendly enough when dealing with enquiries.  We found them to be quite knowledgeable about the services and the guarantees and other facets of the service.

At least one review on Papers Helm that we read referred to the unhelpfulness of the customer services staff and expressed disappointment at this.

4. Trustworthiness

Is Papers Helm scam? We would certainly hope not -  devote a whole page, which is titled "Industry warning - stay safe" to give information on avoiding scamming websites - so it would be somewhat ironic if they were! use of full encryption on their website and all security and privacy is verified by Trust Guard .

Student access is via a secure and encrypted password and username system, and no information about students, or their activities, is ever sold or divulged to third parties.

Financial information is also secure and encrypted, and again, no information is disclosed, or sold to any third parties BBB (Better Business Bureau) Membership or affiliation could not be verified

PapersHelm rating scores are not terribly high.

5. Editor's conclusion

Papers Helm is quite an odd company in many ways -  on the face of it, it is very expensive, but there are many generous discount offers and loyalty programs, and even a unique discount for children with special needs.

That said; the important thing is the writing and the value for money. Aside the in-house testimonials, there is little evidence from independent sources of the positive experiences students have had regarding the preparation, delivery, and results of their essay papers. company reviews on sites such as SiteJabber, GlassDoor, Manta and TrustPilot are mediocre at best.


I ordered a couple of essays from PapersHelm before and they were fine. But lately the service keeps disappointing me. The papers need revisions and it takes more than 5 hours for service to make them. Because of it I can’t rely on PapersHelm when it comes to the urgent tasks. You should definitely order beforehand, which is not always possible. And for such a high price they could have offer a better service. Not sure if I should recommend them.

Lindsey commented

I ordered the essay from PapersHelm and it was delivered 2 hours late! For the money I’d paid I could have found another service which wouldn’t fail the deadline.

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