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1. First of all - quality of service

On opening up the Paper Help website it looks like a nice, clean, bright, well laid out and organised place; but we did not get the chance to look any further, before a huge, almost page wide, pop-up appeared, blocking the whole thing out - and that kind of thing is very annoying when you are just looking for information. PaperHelp.orgis a one-stop shop for everything from a PhD dissertation through to a high school essay; the site promises a “new level of quality writing service.”

In addition to the usual services, there are extra features such as the best writer, abstract writing, plagiarism check, VIP customer service, regular advanced writer, sources used, table of contents and outline, and editors check; which can all be bought as add-ons. There also are three free revisions of each paper allowed.

Students can choose from four options with regard to their writers; they can ask for a "regular writer" or a "top writer," they can ask for "my previous writer" or an "advanced regular" writer. Obviously, the extra alternatives carry an added price tag. testimonials are positive about the services offered, although many point out that the plagiarism report is often free, as is the option of a preferred writer, and certainly the table of contents and outline.

2. Prices, benefits …

Prices are split into four tranches; writing from scratch, editing and proofreading, multiple choice questions, and problem solving. The prices then depend on the number of pages, the deadline, and the academic level of the student - for example, a 10-page bachelor level essay, with a deadline of 14-days, comes in at $160, before any discounts apply.

PaperHelp discounts start with 5% discount on your first order, using a discount code shown on the web page. In addition to this, once you have ordered, there is a 5%  discount for purchases of more than $500 and a 10% discount for buying over $1,000, the order must be above $30 to apply for the discount.

In addition to the discounts, there is a loyalty program where is it possible to get bonuses from each order, these are then set against a balance that can be used for the next purchase - the bonus is 10% of your payment coupons, promo codes are not available aside the initial 5% offer with your first order.

There is also a referral program, where introducing a student to the service will allow you to receive 10% from each order they make, and for them to gain a 10% discount on their initial order - this can only be done buy pre-registration.

PaperHelp reviews are mediocre regarding the level of discounts and the way in which they are skewed towards the higher spending user.

3. Customer support, delivery

Customer support is available in English, German, Chinese, and Arabic. For the United States, there is a toll-free phone number. For the United Kingdom and Australia, an ordinary landline number is available. There is a facility which enables you to leave a message for a telephone call back - with a series of questions on a drop down menu. There is also a chat line which is available 24/7 to answer queries. It is even possible to call on Skype - and of course, there is always email.

We found the customer services staff helpful, but unsure of the product range; some of their queries regarding deadlines, and the way in which the writer's were assigned had to be referred over to supervisors, even though they were fairly basic questions.

One of the things people liked about the service in our view on Paper Help was it contact ability.

4. Trustworthiness

Is Paper Help scam? No - the site is fully encrypted and secure - no student or credit card information is released to third parties.

We could find no BBB (Better Business Bureau) membership or accreditation.

PaperHelp rating sites are positive about the trustworthiness of

5. Editor's conclusion company reviews on external sites, backup our belief that paperhelp is a mediocre service which advertises relatively cheap papers and then makes the price up on extras which other companies treat as routine business. Ultimately, this makes paper help expensive to use, and the writing standard at the "regular writer" level is not all that it could be - we feel that there are better deals out there in the marketplace.


This is the first service I used and the impression I’ve got is not the best. The paper was an hour late and the support didn’t tell me about it beforehand. What is more I couldn’t get in contact with them that day. So for a moment I thought I’d been fooled. Fortunately I got it and it didn’t even need a revision. But I’m not gonna risk ordering an urgent paper from PaperHelp.

Alex commented

The writer didn't follow my guidelines and I got "C" because of it. Also the support is highly unprofessional. They used to call me at night with silly questions, but when I needed them I just couldn’t get in touch with anybody.

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