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Delivery: 6 Hours
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Trust start their introduction by telling you that, “you have arrived at the most professional trusted and comprehensive writing source on the web” -  they might be right! The site is well laid out and logical, and extremely easy to use.
Everything that you really need to do can be done on the opening page where you can get a price see the free features start with a discount and even get an overview of the services available.

Delivery: 24 Hours
Prices from: $ 22.0
50% off

The Papers Helm website opens up onto a crowded and difficult to navigate home page. There is no real logical sequence to it, and it seems as if everything has been bundled onto the one page in any old order - ironically, the most important information buttons are in very small print at the very top of the page.

Delivery: 18 Hours
Prices from: $ 10.0
5% off

On opening up the Paper Help website it looks like a nice, clean, bright, well laid out and organised place; but we did not get the chance to look any further, before a huge, almost page wide, pop-up appeared, blocking the whole thing out - and that kind of thing is very annoying when you are just looking for information. is a one-stop shop for everything from a PhD dissertation through to a high school essay; the site promises a “new level of quality writing service.”

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