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How It Works

Have you ever looked for an essay writing company online? Try it now - just Google “Essay writing company”.

Well, we got almost 87 million results - by the time you have gone through that lot, you may have missed your deadline!

That is what we do - we take the burden of looking through those 87,000,000 sites and references - and we narrow the search down for you.

We use a set of criteria for our assessments, and we order papers from the companies after going through their customer services and ordering process, to give you the complete picture and expose the good, the bad and the ugly of each essay writer online.

We are going to look at how we do this in more detail in a moment, but we would just ask you a question to think about in the meantime - why would we do this? We are a group of educators who are aware that not everyone is able to complete their essays in written English, for a variety of reasons. Aside laziness, procrastination, and apathy there are some genuine reasons that are not self-inflicted and these are the ones that spurred us on to create our review site.

Illness is, of course, a major reason for essay writers to miss deadlines and be unable to complete assignments, but we have found that an overwhelming reason is simply the ability of someone to be able to write in written English to a standard that is accepted at college level or above.

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How do you know if online essay writers companies are credible or not?

One of our key indicators is whether they belong to, or have applied for membership of, the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau, or BBB as it is “better” known, is an independent assessment service, founded in 1912, which takes a company and reviews it on 16 key indicators, grading it on an A-F system and scoring businesses as satisfactory or unsatisfactory as a result. Any business passing this test is then worth a second look.

If you are wanting to engage a custom essay writer, it is for one purpose - to write an essay! It constantly amazes us that students come to us having engaged a cheap writing service and even then, have not checked out the writer they are engaging to do their work; they then wonder why they have to have that work redone. This then, is the single most important check of all - who is the writer? Can you pick a particular author or does the company choose for you? What are the writer’s qualifications? Are there any sample essays by them which are available to see?

This inquiry forms the second of our checks. We look at the writers who are offered in great detail. These are the people who will be obtaining your grades, and on whom you are relying to do a great job. We are exacting on this, and only recommend the companies who come up with the best writing teams.

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How Much?

Pricing is another of our key review indicators. It is common sense really - we are looking for custom essay writers who give great value for money. This is a blend of all of the attributes we examine. Too cheap, and it is likely that the company will not deliver the standard you want. Too expensive, and there are probably too many add-on services which are either unnecessary or come as standard with other online essay writers.

Along with pricing go discounts, promotion and coupon codes, special offers and “freebies.” Again, we look at all of these in great detail and see which offers are genuine and which are just, “fluff” - put in there to justify a higher price or a lesser service.

Allied to these, is the security of the company. By this we mean not only are they safe to handle your money but is the information that you give them going to be secure and stay where it should be? Do they have encryption? What happens to your papers once they have been written - are they kept or destroyed? If they are kept, there is the possibility that they may be reused and plagiarized - or the fact that you utilized such a service may get back to those you would prefer not to know about it.

There are other factors that we look at, but these are the main ones, and we work hard to ensure that our reviews are up to date and accurate - take a look now at - we think you will rate us highly